What is angular and complete overview of angular?

What is Angular exactly?

Angular is a full-featured JavaScript framework built and maintained by Google and it’s used for building front-end web applications or building the front end of a full stack app where maybe you have something like node or Python or PHP running on the back end now as far as popularity I think react is in first place in terms of the number of jobs and stuff like that but angular is still very relevant it’s still thriving especially in the world of big business and enterprise I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon and even though it may not be the most popular it’s still one of the big three which are react ,view and angular now I want to make a quick note on the versions of angular because this is something that has confused some people for a long time back in I think 2010 angularjs was released which is still available today but it’s a completely different framework in all aspects when they created angular version 2 they decided to do a complete rewrite of the framework ok we’re now on version 7 however version 2 through 7 are the same framework there’s just been some minor updates as with any framework most of which are under hood updates that have made the framework better smaller and faster all

Reasons to use Angular

So as with any framework it gives you an organized front-end structure so all your user interface parts are basically components reusable components we also have modules and services which we’ll be getting into a little later angular is extremely powerful and full-featured and this is great if you’re building something really big and intricate however it could be overkill for many small applications it is an all-in-one solution meaning it has a router it has its own HTTP module it uses the rxjs library which is reactive extensions it includes things like observables for asynchronous data so it’s just packed with different features and different concepts angular is used to build very powerful single page applications it uses an MVC type pattern which stands for Model View controller which essentially was a back-end pattern but with angular we can structure our front-end applications in a similar way it also uses typescript which is a superset of JavaScript meaning it includes everything javascript does plus more including static typing and many es6 like features such as classes arrow functions and so on so like many frameworks angular has a CLI or a command-line interface however the angular CLI is very powerful in that you can generate components services and other things on the fly rather than creating them manually which is really cool

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