About Ekam

About Us

Ekam is created for all of you after long wait.  Ekam means one by god means oneness. Our main, ultimate motive is to provide free education to all by one unique platform. Free education means an education that would make you ambitious and an education that would make you employable having a good set of skills with current and next generation skills. We want to solve each real life problem that comes in our path. It could be technical or non technical. It could be related to humans or animal or plant or any problem. We want beautiful world in which all (human, animal, plant) are living peacefully. 

We would help you to keep your pace with changing skills/technologies. So this is just small and first step , we had taken by starting ekamsoft for all of you. At Ekam, you can logged in as author, you can write your own blog. You can request to our team to become an author(clicking here to become an author and send your email id)   You can provide information or solution that you want people could have easily access. Your blog can add something to people’s life. It makes their life easy by solving their problem. There are much we had planned for you.So we created ekamsoft unique  platform for all in June, 2020.By doing this, we want, everyone would be confident and have some skill, so he/she can live life tension free and can get employable he/she whichever place they want. As we have seen, people have job insecurity nowdays, It is my experience, if anyone is really talented and have some set of skills, he/she don’t need to fear at job level. He/she can live life at his/her own terms.  There are much we want to say. But I hope You had got our idea. So we are handing Ekam Tagline to all of you –  “lets fly together, catch your dreams”

As we discuss about team, So you have to be tension free. We have talented team of having more than 10 years of experience in IT, Architecture, Telecommunication etc. We already solved many real life problem for different sectors. So now, we are here to serve you. Be ready,  and lets fly together, catch your dreams.

Our team is already very much enabled. We could do anything. so we are here for provide education and solve your problems it could be anything. If you need more more information or you want to ask anything about our idea. please reach at us and ask any query.  Click here to ask any query